Vienna Filmcoach International

Vienna Filmcoach international lecture in Dublin 2018

Internationally acclaimed movie consultant Ip Wischin is giving lectures like his famous "Building a movie scene around a relational object" while on tour through Europe and America. Wischin, who hails from Russia, has made Vienna the centre of his teachings. In 2011 has been invited to give a brief sneak lecture on film "dramaturgy" in Cardiff's Chapter by local storyteller hero Richard Berry. "Although most of us have been connected to the art of storytelling in one way or another Mr. Ip's teachings were considered as profound and eye-opening as they were unconventional," says Berry. "His lectures are certainly not for those who simply want to learn the tricks of the trade or those who aim as low as becoming solid trend-followers. Mr.Ip's goal is to make you understand, how to become a trend-setter rather by learning the rules-behind-the-rules. Some things he tells you are so simple, you wonder why it isn't common knowledge."

Among Wischin's workshops in Cardiff there’s also "guarding your movie idea" including a lecture on movie basics  (about not only developing an idea into an abstract, that will appeal to investors, but also on your performance as seller of your product.) "When a person enters my office and starts talking about their movie idea it takes 3 seconds for me to figure out whether it's worthwhile or not. First it's all about enthusiasm and body language. Second it's about common mistakes in turning visual ideas into sentences. 99% of submitted screenplays will be dumped after a brief glance at the first paragraph." says Wischin.

Ip Wischin actually works as a consultant for some of the largest corporations in the world, in an area where failures cost billions of dollars. Some of them are banks, IT-corporations or insurance companies. "A big company is like a major motion picture. You have production value, you have protagonists, you have goals, you have emotions and you have to be in the director's seat all the time and anticipate what's coming next. And you better, because on that level it's a cut-throat-business." says Wischin. Before becoming a movie and corporate "storytelling" consultant Ip Wischin has been head of a Viennese Theatre for 10 years. He also played many leading roles himself, including a one-man-adaptation of Kafka's "Metamorphosis" which played 600 times. 

Vienna Filmcoach is a platform that was created by Wischin in order to provide newcomers with affordable high level storytelling and film grammar tools. 

According to Wischin "most books on screenwriting are function-follows-form-books. That's because most film scholars look at a successful film and dissect it by observing the formal structure. Can it be divided into 3 acts? Are there plot points in the right place? And so on. It's like a clockmaker who doesn't know how the many gears inside a clock interact, but knows exactly how many gears there are. Once you understand the basic principles of meachanics you'll wonder how you could ever have regarded yourself as a clockmaker before that. Same goes for film grammar. When my students - even advanced ones - come for the first time, they are astonished about how little they knew. I try to make this not  too embarrasing experience for them," jokes Wischin.

One of his lectures is titled "How not to make a movie". In this lecture he not only lists all the common mistakes young filmmakers tend to commit, he also opens up the field of "thinking pictures" which according to Wischin is exactly the opposite of every-day-common-sense-thinking.